You've Got a Friend in Me

Sarah Shanes February 21, 2018

In preschool, if you wanted to be friends with someone, all you would have to do is go up to them, ask to share their blocks, and then boom, you’re friends. Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that making friends isn’t quite that simple… More

A Word On FOMO and Being Sick While Abroad

Javier Agredo February 5, 2018

As my first week in Greece draws to a close and once-in-a-lifetime orientation activities transition into classes as usual, I’m left with a range of emotions and sentiments and, unfortunately, a slight cold which has forced upon me the executive decision… More

Drawing to a Close

Lana Valente December 10, 2017

Hey readers! It's been awhile, but I'm sure we're all on the same page about now: that is, everyone is in a frenzy as we prepare for finals. I've found myself in a sort of strange holiday mess, between tests and the festivity of the season. It's that… More

Reading Week - Uni in the U.K.

Regina Karmilovich November 16, 2017

Reading Week is a confusing and surreal time during university. Now that I’m halfway through my semester, I think I’ve had a good taste of academic life at Goldsmiths, but this week really threw me for a loop. First off, Reading Week is a full week without… More

Little Time Left

Lana Valente November 14, 2017

Hey, readers! It's been a short while, but we're back and better than ever... After fall break, it took awhile for the semester to pick up again. I'm (a little) well-rested following a long weekend over All Saints Day, although I just spent quite the… More

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