A Busy Introduction to New Zealand

Chloe Seletz February 20, 2018

As I sit at the gate at the airport, there are hundreds of thoughts running through my mind. I see many unknown faces surrounding me, but I know they are feeling the same way I do. The feeling of unknown, but also excitement for the many adventures we… More

We went paragliding?! / Fuimos en parapente?!

Melanie Brown February 19, 2018

Preface: This post will focus on the weekend in which Nick, my boyfriend, visited me (one time for the price of three!) in Granada. He gave me an IOU for a future paragliding trip in Europe for Christmas about two years ago, so this was a long time coming… More

Taking the Long, Scenic Route to New Zealand

Bryan Mitchell February 18, 2018

Leaving It All Behind: On a chilly February morning I bid my parents goodbye and enter Denver International Airport. The sun has not even risen, and several long days of travel await. I opted to take holiday in Hawaii, some other Pacific Islands, and… More

Packing & Preparing

Kali Juchem February 17, 2018

In just a couple days I will be stepping foot out of an airplane and joining the rest of the Arcadia students in Melbourne. Words cannot express my excitement as Australia has been a dream of mine since watching the television show “H20: Just Add Water… More

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