Happy December!

Erin Bigus December 4, 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. Time has been passing quickly, probably because I’m staying so busy. Recently, I traveled to Co. Wicklow to see Powerscourt Estate and Glendalough. Powerscourt is a stunning estate, complete with beautiful gardens… More

Garbatella: Home to Me

Haley Winkle December 3, 2017

I don’t take many trips outside of Rome for a few reasons: I like to get to know my host city, I can’t afford to take trips every weekend, and I enjoy the moments of rest and quiet between busy weeks. On the offhand that I do take a side trip, coming… More

Hospitalized – 3,000 miles away from home

Marta Armour November 30, 2017

So November didn’t start off so well. My laptop broke and took about 2 weeks to get fixed. Midterms were coming up and I had no idea how the Spanish set up their exams. As mentioned in my previous blog post we went to Toledo and Madrid. That trip was… More

The Land of More Sheep Than People

Rachel Torralba November 27, 2017

This weekend, a few of the friends I made here and I made our way to Edinburgh, Scotland. We took a train up on Friday after class and spent the night exploring the city. It kind of reminded me of London but with different architecture. There was a Ferris… More

Traveling and More Traveling

Erin Bigus November 20, 2017

Greetings from Dublin! It almost feels strange to be back in Dublin after all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, but it’s so nice to be back. Two weeks ago, reading week began. As the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a week to work on reading and… More

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