Oh Orientation, My Orientation

Fiona Bell July 21, 2017

After an exhaustingly long plane flight surrounded by the New Zealand National Performing Arts Team (I only mention this because they sang show tunes pretty much the whole way there), I and 19 other students from around the country met up and were herded… More

Welcome to Australia (and How I Got There)!

Anne Hsia July 16, 2017

After over 24 hours of traveling, I'm finally in the land down under! Despite really stressful layovers and almost missing my flight from Brisbane to Melbourne, I have safely arrived and have spent almost two days in Australia's second largest city. And… More

Off to a Great Start!

Megan Anger March 3, 2017

I have arrived in Chile and I couldn’t be happier! I was welcomed to Santiago by a sky full of stars and the sun just beginning to rise over the Andes Mountains. My plane landed around 6:30 in the morning and I got through customs and baggage claim without… More

The Land of the Long White Cloud

Lillian Beach March 2, 2017

“The Land of the Long White Cloud” is the English translation for the Maori term “Aotearoa”, which is an alternative name for New Zealand.  Situated in the Southern Hemisphere East of Australia, New Zealand is a beautiful little country made up of three… More

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