On Talking About the Weather

Michael Turgeon August 31, 2017

What I’ve learned about living in another country is that 90% of the time, life is much of the same. However, that last 10% is where memories are made, where stories you’ll re-tell for years are born, what most of your phone space will be dedicated to… More

A Trite Tale About a Sand Dollar

Michael Turgeon August 11, 2017

When you’re a kid, every new experience and discovery in life is so emotionally momentous. I have a distinct memory of being 8 years old and traversing a Northern California beach with my dad, when I stumbled on what I thought of as the discovery of a… More

Left and Wrong

Michael Turgeon July 25, 2017

Everything feels backwards. It’s suddenly the dead of winter, the water spins the other way, there are new stars in the sky, and folks drive on the left. This last point became particularly salient last Saturday, when I woke up early and walked into a… More

Oh Orientation, My Orientation

Fiona Bell July 21, 2017

After an exhaustingly long plane flight surrounded by the New Zealand National Performing Arts Team (I only mention this because they sang show tunes pretty much the whole way there), I and 19 other students from around the country met up and were herded… More

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