Exploring Dublin!

Erin Bigus September 25, 2017

The past month has been a bit of a whirlwind, but in a good way. After the long flight and a couple days of orientation, I began a 3 week “Understanding Ireland” class at Trinity. I just turned in my final paper yesterday, and as good as it feels to not… More

Settling In

Virginia Black September 21, 2017

It’s been so hard to find the time to sit down to write this blog post. As the end of my second full week in Edinburgh approaches, part of me feels like there’s no way I’ve already been here that long, and the other part of me feels like I’ve been living… More

As the Countdown Approaches Zero

Erin Bigus August 17, 2017

I didn’t think I’d study abroad. Yes, I wanted to travel and had dreamed of getting to see other parts of the world, but I figured there was no immediate rush. I love my college, and I couldn’t imagine being away for an entire semester. It wasn’t until… More

Coastal Towns Visit

Arcadia Summer July 15, 2017

 By Nathaniel Burola, STEM summer Research - Dublin Hey, guys! Here is another blog post detailing our fabulous adventures of exploring some of the coastal towns in the Dublin area such as Blackrock and Dún Laoghaire. In order to get to these locations… More

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