Familiar Food

Rachel Torralba November 13, 2017

Every Wednesday, there is a free bus to Sainsbury’s (it’s sort of a large grocery store that also has clothes, electronics, kitchen stuff, etc. It’s like Target or Walmart but with more emphasis on the grocery part). There are two main stores to buy groceries… More

Traveling Where You Are

Regina Karmilovich October 23, 2017

A big part of studying abroad is planning travel to other countries, especially when Europe is so accessible. In fact, the number one question I get asked as an international student is, “What are your travel plans?” While this is a perfectly valid and… More

First Week of Classes

Marissa Ferrara October 9, 2017

I’ve officially completed my first week of classes! I’m incredibly excited to delve further into each subject and form relationships with the other students along the way. I’ve found myself to be very lucky in the sense that all of my classes encourage… More

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