One Note About Academics While Abroad…

Allison Gordon August 15, 2017

Finding balance in college is difficult. On paper, I went to college to expand my educational opportunities, get a degree, and secure a job after graduation. But I also went to join clubs and societies, meet new people, and maybe sleep in every once… More

Is This School?

Anne Hsia July 27, 2017

Typing away on a Wednesday night and only one more contact hour left this week. Yes, I have 3-day (Lucy claims it's pretty much four-day) weekends. This is a strange way to be in school. Almost every class has only one lecture a week, and the workshops/tutorials… More

WARNING: Finals are Closer Than They Appear

Calli Umipig June 19, 2017

Time is a concept rarely taken seriously when we’re young because we feel as if we have so much of it. Only when we don’t want something to end does mortality start to make sense and suddenly its all we can think about. Each absence between blog posts… More

Learning from the Past

Megan Anger June 9, 2017

Over the past four months, I’ve gotten a chance to see and understand a different part of Chile that isn’t quite visible on the surface. In my classes at PUCV, I’ve learned a lot about the history of Chile, and specifically about the time of the dictatorship… More

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