Raechyl Thieringer


University of Melbourne, Australia


My name is Raechyl and I am a sophomore at Gettysburg College studying abroad at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia. I am double-majoring in Psychology and English with a Writing Concentration. I have lived in small towns my entire life and am excited for the chance to spend a semester experiencing life in a city and to explore the areas in and around the city and country.

Day One... What a Day!

Raechyl Thieringer February 6, 2017

Apologies in advance for the long post, but the first 36 hours were nearly indescribable. I never knew just how uncomfortable a plane could be until I sat in a single, small seat for 16 hours straight after a separate six hour flight, especially when… More

So Long, Farewell

Raechyl Thieringer January 31, 2017

With less than one week until I leave, the excitement I have felt for months has begun to turn to nerves. I’m nervous about getting lost, about flying on my own, about forgetting something, losing something, missing something. With five days left, I still… More

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