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A Note About My Internship

Now that I have been settled for a few weeks, my internship has really gotten underway. Having an internship abroad has so… More

McLaine Beeman Edinburgh Internship Program, Scotland


McLaine Beeman


Edinburgh Internship Program, Scotland


My name is McLaine Beeman, and I am a Junior Music Therapy major from Saint Louis by way of Nashville, TN. I currently go to school at Belmont University. My interests include singing, guitar-ing, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and being involved in the Belmont community. While in Edinburgh, I will be interning with a Music Therapy charity based in the city that works with a diverse population in and around the Central Belt of Scotland. Alongside that I will be taking two courses at the local university.

A Note About My Internship

McLaine Beeman January 29, 2018

Now that I have been settled for a few weeks, my internship has really gotten underway. Having an internship abroad has so far been a very special experience. Most of my friends here do not have internships and take classes only. Though this is probably… More

The Studying Part of Study Abroad

McLaine Beeman January 23, 2018

Studying abroad has been every kind of adventure that you can imagine. One I haven’t yet expanded on, however, is the actual studying part! As I am doing the internship program, I am only in two classes at the local university. The typical course load… More

Edinburgh Bucket List

McLaine Beeman January 17, 2018

I have now been living in Edinburgh for three weeks! The rewards of moving abroad have very much outweighed the challenges. During these three weeks, we have had to relearn every aspect of daily life- where to eat, sleep, shop; how to travel, communicate… More

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

McLaine Beeman January 10, 2018

I have been in Edinburgh now for a little over a week! I arrived New Years Day at 8am, late enough to miss any lingering Hogmanay celebrations and early enough to ensure all stores were still closed following the evenings celebrations. I’m quite sure… More

Follow the Ringleader

McLaine Beeman January 1, 2018

If you’ve found yourself here, I’d first like to say- hi, mom!! If that doesn’t apply to you, you’re still welcome to stay and live vicariously. Or judge silently. I’ll never know. I am a Music Therapy major from the Saint Louis area (before you ask… More