Hope L.


Arcadia in Rome, Italy


Bongiorno! My name is Hope (and trust me, I’ve heard every pun in the book) and I am a second year student at Arcadia University. I was born and raised in small-town Southern Maryland, but that never stopped me from developing a passion for travel—so much so that my ultimate career goal is to work somewhere in foreign service. As an International Studies major with a concentration in the Mediterranean, I am headed off to the Eternal City. Follow along with me this semester as I attempt to “do as the Romans do”!

From La Dolce Vita to the Siesta Lifestyle

Hope L. November 4, 2016

While the last two months in Italy have been incredible, my excitement reached an all time high when fall break rolled around. Arcadia gives all the students a week-long fall break the week after mid-terms, which is a prime opportunity to for all of us… More

15,000 Steps

Hope L. September 28, 2016

On any given day here in Rome, I will walk at least 15,000 steps. To those born and raised in cities, or who attend colleges that take up entire cities themselves, this may not seem like much. But for me, someone who lives in a town where nothing is… More

The Beauty of Rome

Hope L. September 5, 2016

The thing about Rome is that it’s not a conventionally beautiful city. Most apartments are not freshly painted in the creamy pale shades that you will find outside the Spanish Steps, and the streets are not cleanly swept anywhere you’ll go. The sidewalks… More

Un Cane in Chiesa (and Other Italian Idioms)

Hope L. August 17, 2016

The number of things that go into preparing to live in a foreign city for a semester is expansive. In the past few months I have had to create a budget outline translated from dollars to euros, call up my phone company to discuss what options I have for… More