Eien S.


University of Wollongong, Australia


Hello! My name is Eien! I'm a Junior at Arcadia University, currently studying Graphic Design and working on a minor in Sociology. I'm originally from the Hudson Valley of New York, but have loved traveling since I was young. I'm queer, trans, and mentally ill, but working through all that to have a successful semester abroad! I love studying all forms of art (graphic art, street art, spoken word, stuff like that), writing poetry, and learning about different religions. I'm really into dying my hair crazy colors, getting tattooed, and finding new ways of expressing myself. I'm ready for some shenanigans!

Melbourne Explorin'

Eien S. April 17, 2015

Last week was so exciting! My friend and I took an hour and a half plane ride to Melbourne on Wednesday and got back this passed Sunday. Our first day we went shopping and exploring, just to get a feel for the area. We we inside the center city of Melbourne… More

To the beach and up the mountain!

Eien S. April 3, 2015

I finally did it! It took a month but I not only made it to the beach, I also made it up Mt. Keira! Wollongong is situated directly between the beach and Mt. Keira, so there's the option of going to the beach for swimming and exploring rock pools, or… More

Not Gonna Lie

Eien S. March 27, 2015

Alright. So I said that this week I was going to be honest and let you know that everything hasn't been great. It has been really rough to have to start over somewhere new with no friends, no roommate (for my first few days), and really, no one there… More

Meters, Buses, and Food

Eien S. March 20, 2015

I think one of the hardest things about being in a foreign country (probably most of them) is trying to use meters when measuring. I'm in an art class on designing spaces for installations and performances; the only project for this class is to build… More

Sydney is An Adventure

Eien S. March 13, 2015

Wow. I can't believe I've been here three weeks. I haven't even been to the beach yet! I only just made a trip into Sydney the other day, though. I didn't know until last week, but Sydney hosts a Queer Mardi Gras every year. It’s apparently a really long… More

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