Chloe Diggs


University of the Western Cape, South Africa


Hello! My name is Chloe Diggs. I am studying abroad in South Africa at the University of the Western Cape. Back at home, I am a Justice and Peace Studies major studying at Georgetown University. I spend my alone time writing in my journal and attempting to return to my hobby of reading historical fiction novels. Essential oils and mindful meditation keep me sane. I am described as a people person that does not like to be around people. Let us see if I can cultivate more chill vibes and create more than I consume while abroad!

Learning Curve

Chloe Diggs August 22, 2017

Fact or Myth: Your workload abroad will be virtually stress-free. That statement is 100% myth in my situation! Georgetown University requires students studying abroad at The University of Western Cape to enroll in an equivalent to 15 U.S. credits. This… More

Sometimes it is Okay to Be a No Person While Abroad

Chloe Diggs August 16, 2017

Euphoria. Cheesy grins and gyrating hips greeted me at the District’s hip-hop night on my first weekend in Cape Town. My senses were flooded when I was approached by kind, probably tipsy, strangers, blaring music with base-filled beats and assorted levels… More