Becca D.


Arcadia in Rome, Italy


I'm an Air Force brat from Honolulu, currently in my junior year at Indiana University. A friend once described me as what you would find if Bob Dylan and Henry David Thoreau had a love child that was then adopted by Paris Hilton. This year, I'm packing up and rolling this stone to Italy - come join me on my Academic Year in Rome!

Valentines in Venice and Verona

Becca D. March 9, 2016

February is difficult for a single person no matter where you are in the world. Here in Italy, heart decorations go up in shop windows, markets start selling love-themed pastries, and the cupids decorating the domed ceilings of churches seem a little… More

Home Again, Rome Again

Becca D. February 11, 2016

Like a grizzly bear, I have finally emerged from my winter hibernation—well-rested, re-energized, and looking to eat everything in sight. I’ve returned from the Christmas holidays more excited to study abroad than ever before, but a new semester comes… More

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Becca D. December 23, 2015

“Please have snow, and mistletoe, and presents under the tree”—Frank Sinatra crooned it best. It’s my favorite Christmas song, and one that’s been especially poignant this year. In eight hours time, I board a plane that takes me back to America, back… More

The Colosseum

Becca D. December 11, 2015

When I first moved to Rome, the Colosseum seemed so surreal to me—like my seventh grade Dell screensaver had been plucked from its dusty no-man’s-land and enlarged to insane proportions. Nowadays, as a seasoned veteran of both worldly travel and Italian… More

National Lampoon-less European Vacation

Becca D. November 17, 2015

Each semester, Arcadia Study Abroad programs give students a weeklong break to spend as they wish. When the time came earlier this month here at Arcadia in Rome, we scattered across Europe. Groups went to Croatia, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Greece, Barcelona… More

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