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A Weekend in Edinburgh

Arcadia Summer July 3, 2017

By Elisabeth Heyde, London Internship Program, Summer Last weekend, some friends and I went on the Arcadia Edinburgh weekend trip. After the heatwave that had hit London the week before, it was refreshing to escape the heat and go to Edinburgh where… More

UQ Research!

Arcadia Summer June 29, 2017

By Cristina Vaca, STEM Summer Research - Brisbane, Australia Petting kangaroos and koalas every day didn't last long as we were reminded by Peter Adams, we are here to do research, and research we will! Our second week here we visited the University… More

Arriving in Scotland: Thoughts and Tips

Arcadia Summer June 15, 2017

By Jordan Shuck, Scottish History I have been in Scotland for a week (Yay!). After a week of non-stop activity, I finally have time to sit down and reflect on my journey here. Upon reflection of my journey, I have a few pieces of advice on how to make… More

Acclimating to the Unknown

Arcadia Summer June 12, 2017

By Callie Jensen, Italian Language and Culture in Florence, Italy Ok so technically it is the 9th now, but my body is still adjusting to the time change so… here I am at 2:00am! I decided I’d write down some of my thoughts/experiences/etc. and reminisce… More

Greek Coffee at its Finest

Arcadia Summer June 10, 2017

By Leah Mangold, Arcadia in Greece Summer It takes Giannis Bratsolias 126 seconds to make my iced coffee. He brings it to me with a smile; one hand holding the blended drink, the other holding a glass of cold water.  I am the first and only one here… More

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