Angela W.


University of Western Cape, South Africa


Hey! My name is Angela Williams. I am a third-year student at Georgetown University, majoring in Sociology. I will be attending University of the Western Cape in Bellville, South Africa. I am passionate about social justice, Womanism, and Spoken Word. I love to write poetry, read books, and vibe to good music. This will be my first time out of the country and I’m happy that you will be taking this journey with me!

Embracing the Differences

Angela W. April 18, 2016

My Time at University of the Western Cape I knew I was going to a school that would be vastly different from Georgetown when I began looking at the different course options for the upcoming semester. As a sociology major at Georgetown, I am used to at… More

From Tourist to Resident

Angela W. March 27, 2016

I arrived to this beautiful city a little over two months ago with three over-packed suitcases and zero knowledge of this town that would be mentioned in recent conversations as “home.” This month, school was more demanding because all of my major assignments… More

Happy Monthaversary!

Angela W. March 1, 2016

When I woke up on the morning of February 24th, I realized that I have been living in Cape Town for a month. These past four weeks have been filled with daily adventures, all while surviving the summer heat, vibing to South African house music, studying… More

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