Michael Turgeon July 13, 2017

4:45AM. Waiting patiently in line at the baggage check for Hawaiian Airlines at the Sacramento International Airport, and an old lady wearing a floral uniform with a vibrant tropical flower in her hair and a distinct scowl on her face clocks into work… More

The Ending

Jay Burnett July 13, 2017

Endings are fickle things. Sometimes we loathe them, sometimes we love them. Some are avoided, some are welcomed. Some come too quick, some bide their time slowly. And some, of course, aren’t so black and white.  I knew when I boarded that Air New Zealand… More

Wonder in Every Detail

Arcadia Summer July 11, 2017

By Caroline George, Sydney Internship Program, Australia Bondi Beach is my blogging destination for today. The wind is a fierce awakening. It whispers rumors of a coming storm and weaves my hair into a knot so ornate, I’ll have to soak it in conditioner… More

A Weekend in Edinburgh

Arcadia Summer July 3, 2017

By Elisabeth Heyde, London Internship Program, Summer Last weekend, some friends and I went on the Arcadia Edinburgh weekend trip. After the heatwave that had hit London the week before, it was refreshing to escape the heat and go to Edinburgh where… More

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