Semester Two Photo Contest Winners

Elena Piere November 2, 2017

Semester two is winding down to a close, with all of our wonderful students on exam leave now. Auckland students had their farewell dinner last week, wrapping up our annual semester photo competition. We had so many incredible entries this semester,… More

How to Make Pavlova

Student Voices October 6, 2017

Last weekend, students were treated to a Kiwi Kai event where they were able to learn how to make the classic Kiwi treat, Pavlova. Not sure what that is or how to make it? Don't worry! Bill Pahutski, a film major from Northwestern University who is studying… More

Super Rugby

Elena Piere September 20, 2017

Rugby is absolutely everywhere in New Zealand! Maybe you have heard talk of the All Blacks or the Haka? These are both part of this sport, that in New Zealand is seen as a way of life. It is unofficially our national sport and most kiwis absolutely love… More

A Student Blog About Mental Health in New Zealand

Student Voices August 30, 2017

Lulu Peach, a Temple University Student who is currently studying abroad with Arcadia at the University of Otago, wrote an excellent blog about her positive experiences with New Zealand's academic system and its difference with the American system. "Prior… More

Queen Charlotte Activity Weekend

Elena Piere August 23, 2017

The Queen Charlotte sound is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in New Zealand. Calm turquoise seas lap against small beaches, and tumbled hill-sides carry the ever-green native forests right down to the high tide mark. Only the native birds… More

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