Welcome to London!

David Crout May 24, 2016

A welcome from the NEW Regional Director for the UK & Ireland, Andrew George. This, my first blog entry since (re)joining Arcadia as Resident Director in the London Center at the start of March after a brief hiatus, is a simple hello and warm welcome… More

London's Calling

Sara Sayeg May 19, 2016

The time is drawing near. Before you know it you will be arriving in London and ready to take on the city! ...But first comes the half-exciting, half-overwhelming bit...preparing for your trip. We know there's lots of unknowns: what to pack, what not… More

Host UK - Live Like a Local

Emma Grant May 19, 2016

Every positive thing that you expect could come out of a host visit? It's all true. But there's so much more than that! It's impossible to explain, but everyone should get out and stay with a host family if presented the opportunity to do so. It is something… More

This Summer's To-Do List

Sara Sayeg May 16, 2016

It's true. You can live in London for years and still not scratch the surface with all it has to offer. This is why we've compiled some of the best things to do during your time here. So whether you're trying to conquer London on a tight budget, or you're… More

Summer Volunteering Opportunities

Emma Grant May 12, 2016

Get involved in volunteering this summer and discover that you can make a big difference by sparing just a little bit of your time. We know that there is lots that you want to fit into your time studying abroad and that trying to cram it all in over… More

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