Student Volunteering Week 2017

Emma Grant February 16, 2017

Each semester, we have a number of students who step forward to volunteer. Willing to give up some of their precious time while studying abroad, they get involved with a variety of projects. From group runs and clearing gardens, to supporting groups for… More

The Academic Studio

Emma Grant February 9, 2017

Get help with your studies from our full time faculty.  The Academic Studio is a service that we offer to all students, including those on direct enroll programmes, so it does not matter where you are in the country - it's open to you! Our full time… More

Orientation refresher

David Crout January 31, 2017

Your UK Adventure Has Begun! By now you're settling into life as a Brit, but don't forget, Arcadia is  here to support you throughout your time studying abroad! We’ve rounded up a few essential reminders from your Arcadia orientation, as follows: Don… More

How to Get More Out of Study Abroad

Sara Sayeg January 26, 2017

You might have heard the acronym, CLC (or Co-Curricular Learning Certificate), used during orientation but what is it exactly and what is the incentive for participating in the programme? We'll let Dr Chris McMillan, who oversees the CLC explain! Take… More

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