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Budgeting may not be the most thrilling of subjects but it sure is important. When you come to a new country it is safe to… More

James Ballantyne Internship Programme Coordinator

Dr. Maguire Wins Award for Teaching Excellence

James Ballantyne April 24, 2015

We are very proud to share the news that Dr. Richard Maguire, one of our core faculty has won an excellence award for his teaching. Dr. Maguire plays a key role in the success of the London Center shown by his engaged and energetic classes each and every… More

The Four Dimensional Human - Laurence Scott

Natalie Crown April 20, 2015

By now we hope you have heard the news about Dr Laurence Scott's upcoming publication. That said, we never tire of talking about it.  For those of you that are not aware, The Four Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World will be released… More

Going Home!

Dr. Peter Leuner April 15, 2015

Sunny, warm days at last are here in London – just in time for the stress of exams, essays and assignments: here’s the summative proof that your semester abroad is coming to an end – and quickly! You’re days away from “re-entry” and seeing loved ones… More

UK General Election 2015

David Crout April 13, 2015

No guns, no religion, some freedom. By Dr Chris McMillan   View image | Elections have a wonderful way of revealing what is important to a country. Whilst you might have a sense that the UK and the US are quite similar, even a… More

Spring '15 Competition Winners

Natalie Crown April 9, 2015

Yes. It is time to announce the champions of the Spring semester 2015. The competition has been incredibly tough this year. Tears have been shed, shouting matches have commenced...but we are now decided. If you see your name attached to the words WINNER… More

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