A Glimpse of Some Exciting Activities From This Past Month

Sarra Chadi Student Life Coordinator


October 4, 2017

We are on our 5th week of the program and we’ve done so many exciting activities with our Fall students already, here is a glimpse on some of the events that students really enjoyed doing:

Cooking Class

Students spent a relaxing afternoon with Andrea at his cooking school ‘’Punto di cottura’’ making some tasty recipes, easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

As you know, meals in Italy are divided into courses:  Antipasto, Primo, Secondo and “Dessert”.

As the name suggests, the antipasto is composed of anti anti=before and pasto=meal. It is an appetizer based on a small plates, veggies, cold cuts, etc... For Antipasto, the students prepared some fried zucchini flowers. I can personally assure you that they all did an amazing job. The fried zucchini flowers were delicious!

The Primo (or first course) is usually a starch, like pasta or rice. The students had Pasta alla Norma (with eggplants) to prepare and it was so yummy!

We then skipped the secondo to leave more space for the irresistible “Tiramisu’”!


After putting on a special suit, the life jacket and the helmet provided by the rafting company, our students climbed on board the raft with trained and qualified guides to enjoy a spectacular landscape made of rich vegetation and bubbling water. 

The students had to follow the guided rhythm and movement of the group. The feeling was as though you are falling into the water pulled by the force of the river. It was so thrilling!

What makes this activity so special is the location. The river is in the proximity of the tallest man-made waterfalls in Europe, ‘The Marmore’ waterfalls constructed in Roman times.

The river rafting is undoubtedly among the activities that the students like most!


SOCCER GAME – AS Roma vs Udinese

A bunch of students attended this exciting event at Rome’s Olimpic Stadium. After a ride on the Metro and on the tram, we arrived at the stadium where we had to go through the security controls at the entrance.

The students had their AS Roma jersey or scarf on and sang the AS Roma hymn before the game started. 

We were lucky, because AS Roma won the game against Udinese, one of the Italian teams which are playing in the ‘Serie A’ championship. The score was rich of goals! 4 in total, 3 for AS Roma and 1 for Udinese.

The Stadium was full of people coming from everywhere to cheer for their favourite soccer team. Students were very comfortable and close to the Roman supporters.

They also learned a very important cheer... FORZA ROMA!