Lecture Series - Migration and Human Rights

Sarra Chadi November 24, 2017

Last week, Franca Di Lecce, Professor of the Human Rights course invited Jean Rene Bilongo, Migrant Affairs Officer of FLAI (The Agro-Food Labour Union) to conduct a lecture on human trafficking entitled “Trafficking in Human Beings, Slavery Shadows in… More

Natale di Roma

Chiara Baldussi April 21, 2017

Known as Natale di Roma, the annual birthday (2.770th) celebration is based on the legendary Foundation of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC. On the big day itself, April 21st, the Foundation of Rome is marked at the Circus Maximus in the afternoon with a number… More

Day of Gratitude

Sarra Chadi April 19, 2017

Nigerian Fundraiser Dinner A wonderful thing happened last week! Thanks to a generous donation from one of our Trustees and Arcadia Alumni, Lyanne Wassermann​, Arcadia Rome has sponsored a Nigerian fundraiser dinner at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center… More

Happy Easter and Passover

Chiara Baldussi April 14, 2017

Pasqua Pasqua or Easter is one of the biggest holidays on the Italian calendar. You will see colorful displays of chocolate eggs and bunnies in the shops. It is a time of religious parades and celebrations, and often the focus is a statue of Jesus or… More

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