Jodi Killackey


Irish Programs Officer


Jodi joined the Arcadia team in January 2016 as Irish Programs Officer and is responsible for student accommodation and services, student support, and finance matters in the Dublin Office. After graduating with a degree in Media Studies and English from Maynooth University, Ireland, Jodi joined the International Office at Maynooth University as Study Abroad Coordinator responsible for North America and worked there for over 4 years. Jodi has travelled extensively throughout the United States attending conferences and visiting universities, and also loves to travel in her own time, most recently exploring South East Asia.

The Limerick Study Abroad Experience

Jodi Killackey June 1, 2016

The spring semester at the University of Limerick recently ended so that meant that it was time for one of us from the Dublin Center to take the train journey from Dublin to Limerick to meet with our students and I was delighted that it was me! All ten… More