Food: exploring Athens

Joanna Simos October 25, 2016

It is a general student consensus that Greek food is great, so customarily, we begin the semester exploring food culture in the city to introduce the varied delicacies available. Here we are enjoying our stroll around Athens. Have we made you hungry?… More

Arcadian on stage at historical Greek theater

Joanna Simos October 11, 2016

Matthew joined us in Athens in September and immediately sought out the opportunity to continue his 15 year old passion for acting and  become involved in the local theater scene. Having enjoyed Matthew on stage in the thought provoking classic Thucydides… More

Exploring Greece

Joanna Simos September 2, 2016

Travels Over Mid-Semester Break Looking back at the exciting 3 months Maggie Morrow spent in Greece, she offers some insight into what she was thinking over mid-semester break with this letter home. Hey all, So great news! I made 5 weeks and am still… More

Delos: visiting the birthplace of Apollo

Joanna Simos August 29, 2016

This year, I decided it was finally time to visit the sacred place that we hear so much yet know little about. Uninhabited, this sacred island seems to float in the Aegean, isolated and untouched. Yet, it is strictly protected by the marine authorities… More

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