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The Pnyx: An Introduction to Rhetoric

Who says Ancient Greek and Latin are dead languages? The ancient language classes joined together for an afternoon visit… More

Jan Sanders Regional Director of Mediterranean Programs


Jan Sanders


Regional Director of Mediterranean Programs


Dr. Sanders, a longtime resident of Athens, has served in various supervisory roles at the Arcadia Center since 1990. Jan oversees programs in the Mediterranean region (Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey), manages all student support and administrative personnel, as well as interviews and hires all faculty. In addition to her role as Regional Director, Jan teaches several courses at the Arcadia Center that focus on the history, art and culture of ancient Greece. She received her Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Missouri, Columbia and focused her dissertation on the material remains and historical significance of the cult of the Dioskouri in Lakonia. During her graduate education, Jan participated in several archaeological excavations in Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, and Portugal. She is a senior member of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

The Pnyx: An Introduction to Rhetoric

Jan Sanders March 6, 2018

Who says Ancient Greek and Latin are dead languages? The ancient language classes joined together for an afternoon visit to the Πνύκα, or Pnyx, a low hill opposite the Akropolis where the Assembly of Athenians met to deliberate public policy. After… More

Welcome Spring 2018 Students!

Jan Sanders February 15, 2018

Airport arrivals, settling into new apartments, making new friends, finding your way to and from the Athens Center, exploring our local square, Plateia Varnava, ordering your first gyro and taking part in what seem like hundreds of possible activities… More

Refugees and the 5th School Squat

Jan Sanders January 15, 2018

The refugees in Greece, caught now for nearly two years in the impasse of a closed border, have had to reimagine, yet again, their future in Europe. In March 2016, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia closed their borders with Greece effectively trapping tens… More

Mission Responsible: The Conference

Jan Sanders January 8, 2018

Recently, two Athenian Arcadians took part in a conference hosted by one of our partner institutions. Dr. Joanna Simos, Assistant Director, Experiential Education, and Dr. Nicholas Rossis, faculty, presented at Mission Responsible: The Future of Education… More

Nostalgia, or Home with my Marines

Jan Sanders November 22, 2017

Like so many English words, nostalgia has its roots in Greek. Νόστος, nostos, a word used by Homer, means homecoming and ἄλγος, algos, is a psychological pain or an ache. Put these together and you get nostalgia, that bittersweet feeling of longing… More

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