Meet the Faculty: Evita Tsokanta

Jan Sanders October 9, 2017

Evita Tsokanta is an art historian, gallery director and independent curator of contemporary art exhibitions in Athens. She holds an MA from University College London in Cultural and Creative Industries. With colleague Eirene Efstathiou, Evita teaches… More

Hunting antiques in Athens

Jan Sanders September 21, 2017

Like any urban center, Athens is full of interesting little places, shops, squares and corners. Unlike most European urban centers though, there’s an area deep downtown that still retains the footprint of the original agora or shopping center, the bazaar… More

What do laughter and Ancient Greek have in common?

Joanna Simos September 15, 2017

Dr Nikos Anterriotis teaches Modern and Ancient Languages at the arcadia center and although the Classics can sometimes be a challenge, he always finds a way to bring laughter to the classroom.  Here, Dr Anterriotis elaborates on his most recent publication… More

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