Musings on My Semester in Athens

Petros Santamouris November 25, 2017

Destini Price is a Project Editor at the Publications Office of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, located in Princeton, New Jersey. She was a student at the Arcadia Center during the spring 2010 semester. Upon completing her BA in Classics… More

Nostalgia, or Home with my Marines

Jan Sanders November 22, 2017

Like so many English words, nostalgia has its roots in Greek. Νόστος, nostos, a word used by Homer, means homecoming and ἄλγος, algos, is a psychological pain or an ache. Put these together and you get nostalgia, that bittersweet feeling of longing… More

Our Little Barnabas Square

Jan Sanders October 18, 2017

Pagrati, the Athenian neighborhood where the Athens Center is located, is full of important people. Our Center is on the street of Embedokles, a well-known (if you lived in the 5th century b.c.e.) Pythagorean philosopher. I live on the corner of the street… More

Picturing Athens: the ever-present light

Jan Sanders October 12, 2017

In the Picturing Athens class, students use the photographic lens to create and curate their own stories of Athens. Each week is marked by a photographic theme chosen by the students. This week’s theme grew out of our focus on noticing details in the… More

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