Maracuya Cafe

Student Voices May 14, 2018

By Khanya Brann, a Temple University Student on the University of Havana Program One of the highlights of our experience here so far has been the daily opportunity to explore the restaurant scene in Havana. Chef Lorenzo and the rest of the staff at Casa… More

Las Maquinas

Student Voices March 11, 2018

By Caleb Driker-Ohren, a Macalester College Student on the University of Havana Program Las Maquinas, machines of tin and dust, always on time but never expected. I wait on a street corner, aloof, with my hand slumped towards the road. The first unwritten… More

Recollections of Hurricane Irma

Student Voices November 19, 2017

By Daniel Marion, a Tufts University student on the University of Havana program Leading up to Hurricane Irma, practically no one in Havana seemed worried. No one seemed worried for the sole reason that they were prepared for it, not, as I had mistakenly… More

The Gran Manzana Hotel

Student Voices November 6, 2017

By Ethan Whitman, Psychology Major at Tufts University In Old Havana there is a new hotel catered towards luxury travel called the Gran Manzana Hotel. It is located next to Central Park and the Capitol building in Havana’s historic and most touristic… More

A US - American’s Experience Living in Cuba

Student Voices November 3, 2017

By Taylor Stack, Business Major at Temple University  For the past several years, I’ve been really fascinated by Cuba—partly because of my general interest in Latin American history and culture, but also because it seems as though everyone I speak with… More

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