Unexpected Visitor

Jan Sanders March 29, 2017

How nice is it when an old student just pops in unannounced? This morning was made a little brighter by one of these unexpected visits, this one by Michael Dola who was a student in Athens in the spring of 2014. A classical studies major from Middlebury… More

Athens Carnival 2017

Joanna Simos February 14, 2017

Apokries, the Carnival season has begun and culminates with kite flying, music and Sarakostiana flavours on Monday the 27th February. Join any of the musical strolls, parade in costume in downtown Athens, and enjoy the celebrations: Wednesday 15 February Syntagma… More

Sidewalk marchers or a lesson in protest

Jan Sanders January 22, 2017

The Athens version of yesterday’s Women’s March on Washington was, like so many of the international marches, organized by American ex-pats and Greek-American women. It was not as enormous as the London or Berlin marchers, nor did it locate itself in… More

Narrative Tours Greek Key Style

Jan Sanders November 28, 2016

The Greek Key's own Maria Michou shares this on two student-led Athens walks: The culmination of a semester-long series of learning sessions in the city of Athens is a student-led tour which aims at narrating a selected urban phenomenon, a taxonomy of… More

Light and Touch on the Philopappou Hill

Jan Sanders November 28, 2016

Maria Michou, instructor for the cornerstone Greek Key class, shares this small report and photographs from a walk earlier this month. Inhabitation on the Philopappou Hill, across from the Athenian Acropolis, traces back to the 3rd millennium BCE when… More

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