James Cook University

Academic Year Southern Hemisphere 2014 — Session: Academic Year

Duration (approximate)

Orientation, classes and exams 39 week(s)
Vacation 0 week(s)  
Credits 32 Program fees are based on credits listed; credit overload is subject to surcharge.

Program Fee

Fee Type Amount Notes
Tuition and Orientation $27,290 The tuition portion of all program fees includes tuition for most arts and social science academic courses, pre-program advisory services, on-site orientation, complete support services throughout the program, health and accident insurance, post-program follow-up and transcript.
Room $7,600 The housing portion of our program fee assumes self-catered, shared accommodations. Students in catered housing, single accommodations or enhanced accommodations could be subject to supplemental charges.
Total Program Fee $34,890

Estimate of Additional Expenses

Fee Type Amount Notes
Books $710
Meals $3,050
Personal $2,510
Student Visa $490
Local Travel $450
Program Travel $2,200 The program fee does not include the cost of traveling to and from the program location. A group flight may be arranged from the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The estimated cost of airfare is based on leaving from and returning to the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Students connecting from other locations will need to budget for additional travel costs.
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses $9,410 These estimates are provided to assist students in budget planning for their experience abroad. Actual amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits. The following exchange rate was used in determining the estimates above: USD 0.92 to AUD 1.00

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance


Additional Fees

Fee Type Amount Notes
Supplemental Housing Fee $1,500 - $4,350 Students assigned to a residential college will be billed a per-semester fee for the additional cost of the housing services and meals.
Arcadia Certificate $500 - $1,000 Students pursuing an Arcadia Certificate may be charged an additional fee. This fee is comprehensive of observation hours and any academic credit issued. For more information and a list of programs which may be eligible for this fee, please go to: www.arcadia.edu/abroad/certificates