Umbra Institute Summer

Summer 2014 — Session: Summer

Duration (approximate)

Departure Date May 23, 2014
Return Date June 28, 2014
Credits 3-6 The program fee is based on credits listed; credit overload is subject to surcharge.

Program Fee

Fee Type Amount Notes
Tuition and Orientation $3,150 All of Arcadia's summer programs include elements that we believe are essential to a successful and enriching academic experience abroad. Program fees include tuition, orientation, full support services throughout the program, pre- and post-program advisory services, student health and accident insurance and transcript. Enrollment in 6 credits will be charged a tuition fee of $3,995.
Room $800 The housing portion of our program fee assumes self-catered, shared accommodations. Students in catered housing or single accommodation could be subject to additional charges.
Total Program Fee $3,950 Enrollment in 6 credits will be charged a program fee of $4,795.

Estimate of Additional Expenses

Fee Type Amount Notes
Books $40 Certain courses include study related travel fees.  These charges vary from approximately $0 - $200 per course.
Meals $440
Personal $305
Program Travel $1,050 The program fee does not include the cost of traveling to and from the program location. The estimated cost of airfare is based on leaving from and returning to the New York City area. Students connecting from other locations will need to budget for additional travel costs.
Total Estimate of Additional Expenses $1,835 These estimates are intended to assist students in planning their budget during their experience abroad. These amounts will vary depending on individual spending habits. We suggest taking into consideration currency exchange rates, the exchange rate of USD 1.35 to EUR 1.00 was used in determining the above estimates.

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance