November 10, 2017

New Zealand Agreement SigningThe College of Global Studies at Arcadia University has partnered with Elon University and the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, to create an innovative semester study abroad program for students in Elon’s School of Education. The first group of students will travel to New Zealand in Spring 2018.

Under this partnership, Elon School of Education students will study at the University of Otago and take part in practicum experiences in local primary and secondary schools. This invaluable experience will help the students gain an understanding of their future roles as educators and begin to develop a comparative perspective on non- U.S. based educational systems and approaches.

Lorna Stern, Vice President of Arcadia University and Executive Director of The College of Global Studies, says: “This exciting program offers students a unique opportunity to compare and contrast approaches to the classroom and to learning from a New Zealand perspective. Further, the hands-on opportunity to teach in a New Zealand school will provide students with practical experience and skills that they will need as future teachers as they navigate our increasingly diverse classrooms here in the United States. This unique three way partnership represents an innovative step forward in leveraging the strengths of all three participating institutions to the lasting benefit of the participating students”.

Vice President Stern joined President Leo M. Lambert of Elon University and Vice Chancellor Harlene Hayne and Deputy Vice Chancellor Helen Nicholson from the University of Otago for an official ceremony to sign the agreement at Elon University.

Arcadia will enhance the out of the classroom student learning through a wide range of services that include: robust co-curricular programming that introduces students to the cultures and contexts that characterize life in New Zealand, pre-departure student preparation and advising, in-country orientation and semester long student support, health and safety support, communication between the partners, and student engagement and success.

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University (based near Philadelphia, PA), one of the largest campus-based international study programs in the United States, serves about 3,000 students each year from nearly 250 colleges and universities across the United States. Named the nation’s #1 university for undergraduate student participation in study abroad by the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Report for seven years in a row (2010-2016), Arcadia has more than 130 programs in 12 countries around the world.